Finance your new system;

Green Monkey can offer up to $15K in finance to approved clients over 36 months to finance your new Solar/ Battery system including hot water & gas conversions.

Starting finance packages for a 6.6Kw System fully installed start at around $140 per week. Based on 50% solar usage you are saving approx. $120 per week so the real outlay is $20 per week, no brainer really.

Solar & Batteries are more expensive but have become totally viable based on the ongoing volatility of the Energy Market. Based on a 6.6Kw Solar system with 10Kw Battery a normal households usage of 20Kw per day/ 10 day 10kw night savings are $550 per Qtr. Over the battery guaranteed period of 10 years and based on solar uasage & night discharge at only 1 cycle per day that’s a saving of 22K! Remember that’s with ZERO allowance for increases in power cost…

Again, Green Monkey can sit down with you to weigh up your options to get you the best return.