battery and storage

green monkey are battery experts

Up and till quite recently, Batteries were an expensive option to store power in a moderately priced Energy Market making it unviable to many, that’s all changed.

New Energy Retailer pricing, already implemented, will see your Energy bills rise dramatically in the immediate future. Reprieve is not imminent either. Queensland Energy & Jobs Plan is a major State Energy Infrastructure initiative announced by Anna Bligh with a target of 70% deliverable Renewable Energy by 2032. The cost of which will largely be borne by the end user.

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add on battery to existing system

If you have an existing solar system, 1 or 3 Phase any age or condition, we can simply add a battery.

retro fit any existing system with a battery

Have an existing Solar system on 1 phase with 2 x 5 kW inverters, want a battery, easily solved.

full 10Kw single phase solar/ battery installation upgrade

 Can’t sleep at night worrying about what your power bill will be like in a a few months time,
don’t put it off if you have high day and night energy usage we can help

off grid

Off Grid Solar Battery Systems are becoming more and more popular, they are also a lot more expensive to implement.
Unlike grid connect back up, if there’s a problem there’s no Plan ‘B’, you’re pulling out the candles. It has to be done right
from day, if you are considering off grid and have not factored power into it and are looking for the cheapest quote, Beware & Good Luck!

Green Monkey uses SMA/ BYD as its preferred product of choice, German Manufactured the most reliable products on the market All Green Monkey’s On and Off Grid Solar Battery Systems are professionally designed and installed by the best in the Business.

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Monitoring of your Battery/ PV System is truly a game changer.

Whether we are fitting to an existing Solar System or installing a brand new system the Alpha Wi-Fi will give you Real Time Status of your Power production, Power export, Battery charge and Power Load.

You can get instant feed back regarding the status of your systems performance and design your usage patterns best suited to the discharge status of your battery maximising your savings. Green Monkey also has access to the data, so if there’s a problem we can check from our end to determine fault.