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why choose green monkey

Why choose Green Monkey

at green monkey you're not just another algorithm

For many Solar Co’s a perfect world involves selling a solar system online via clicking a few boxes and taking a credit card no. from a sale generated from some sort of solar search you may have originally made online. As easy as  click & collect groceries from your local supermarket. Reality is a lot different, they know that. Care factor goes out the window as soon as they’ve got your CC No & received a digital signature on a contract you havn’t even read. Effectively unless your particular requirements are not cookie cutter perfect, theres going to be problems, especially with batteries. Green Monkey cares about the outcome of jobs for our clients. That’s why we take the time to visit you to make sure everything will work OK and come up with solutions to overcome any hurdles. We will also assess your Energy usage to design a suitable Solar or Battery system that will meet your particular requirements.

visit green monkey at the markets!

3rd Sunday of every month Green Monkey is at Orion Springfield Lakes Markets.

If you are ready to proceed or just trying to get some information, drop in for a chat and a cold water. Even better, bring your Power Bill we can design a system for you on the spot!

don't get bombed get solar!

Voluntarily submitting your personal information online to obtain solar quotes definitely isn’t for everyone. Your personal information is Gold to marketing cos who then go on to sell your information through the entire solar food chain right to the bottom feeders. Many of these same Cos are desperate for your business because buying your information is the only way they know how to get a sale. That’s when the incessant MOB phone calls & emails start, and continue, often long after you’ve purchased! GM’s job is to apply its years of Industry Knowledge and Contacts to not only get our clients the best deal but also to save you the time, effort and mental melt down involved by  doing it themselves. GM organises everything, including free site assessment, ENERGEX compliance & retailer form submissions, installation, and post installation support.

it's a jungle out there!

Unscrupulous behaviour in a largely unregulated Solar Industry has long been a problem. From Solar, ’experts’, who used to sell photocopiers and MOB plans, ‘Electricians’, with zero clue looking for a quick buck, and massive foreign marketing Co’s with less integrity than that pesky rat which keeps on getting into your ceiling in Winter. Its all out there! At Green Monkey we are a locally based Business operation and only adhere only to the highest ethical standards possible. You are getting the highest quality Goods and Services at the best possible price, no smoke, no mirrors. If theres a problem its fixed fast, guaranteed. It’s tough out there, we want your Business!

make a difference

Looking around at what’s going on with the Environment it really can be a little overwhelming. Daily we are bombarded with apocalyptic case scenarios of planet earth facing impending doom. It gets even tougher when we are told we are to blame for the sorry state of affairs. Forget the cut & paste indecipherable stats on C02 emissions from Solar Co’s who couldn’t care less anyway. By going solar and/or battery storage you are taking an exciting step towards change.

A change to a more empowering environmentally sustainable energy option that removes the control of your Energy supply options from expensive polluting Energy Providers. Also a change to improving you & your familys quality of life by averting the massive price increases forecast by those same polluting energy retailers to foot the bill to assist them to transition to Green Energy.